How to Lock Screen in macOS


There is a keyboard shortcut to lock the screen in macOS, and it’s Control + Command + Q.Keyboard Shortcut to Lock Screen in macOS


One of my all-time favorite things with Windows is how easy it is to lock the screen. You simply press the Windows key and L. With that, your screen is instantly locked, keeping your secrets and browsing history safe from unwanted prying eyes when you are away. The key combo makes such perfect sense too – Windows Lock, lock Windows. However, what if you are on a Mac? How do you lock screen in macOS?

In macOS, even though you don’t have a handy keyboard shortcut, it’s rather easy all the same. You might even find it easier once you know how to do it.

How to set up Hot Corners to lock screen in macOS

Locking your screen in macOS is done by moving your cursor to a “Hot Corner” to activate the “Lock Screen” command assigned to it. Before you ask, a hot corner is just one of the four corners you have on the screen.

Here’s how to set up a hot corner to lock your screen when you move the cursor there.

    • First, go to System Preferences, Desktop & Screen Saver

Alternatively, you can type “hot corner” into Spotlight and hit Enter. That’ll get you to the “Desktop & Screen Saver” system preferences too

    • Then, click on the Screen Saver tab and click on Hot Corners in the bottom right corner
    • Finally, choose one of the four corners, select Lock Screen from the dropdown and click OK

A word of advice, you’ll want to select the corner that you interacted with the least. For me, I have the bottom left corner assigned to locking my screen

Now trying moving your cursor to the hot corner, your screen will be locked instantly. Easy, right?

How to set up Hot Corners in macOS to lock screen

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How to Delete Synced from iTunes in Podcasts App on iPhone

Synced from iTunes Podcast Episodes 

Apple’s Podcasts app can be overly complicated sometimes. I recently synced my iPhone (running iOS 13.3) with my laptop (running macOS Catalina), and a new section called “Synced from iTunes” appeared in a couple of podcast programs on my iPhone.

Synced from iTunes in Apple Podcasts App on iOS

Now, this bugs me for two reasons.

One, those episodes just simply should not be there. They were old episodes that I already listened to, but they do not auto-delete. Swiping or force touching on them does not reveal a delete option either. Because they are in my library, they keep appearing in Playing Next to haunt and taunt me. 

Two, didn’t Apple just split iTunes into three different apps in their latest macOS? So why does it still say iTunes?

I tried to not let those episodes bother me, but finally, it became too much and I had to do something.

How to Get Rid of Them

While I was not able to find a solution for it, I did find a workaround that worked for me. Here’s the link to the original Apple Communities post that contained the workaround.

    1. Tap Synced from iTunes to go into the section
    2. Tap the add button Add button on each episode, and then tap the download button Download button
    3. Once all the episodes are downloaded, Synced from iTunes should disappear
    4. If you still see Synced from iTunes, delete all the downloaded episodes in My Episodes

Following these steps should help you get rid of Synced from iTunes and regain control of the Podcasts app. Hopefully, Apple does not somehow find another way to screw things up.

One More Thing

If you mostly listen to podcasts on the go, you’ll probably want to stop syncing them between your computer and your phone.

Uncheck Sync Podcasts

Let us know in the comments if you had the same issue! We hope this post was helpful!

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