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If you ask long-time iPhone users, myself included, why they prefer iPhone over Android phones, chances are they’ll say it’s because of the Apple ecosystem and its simplicity. Indeed, as Steve Jobs would put it time and again on stage: “It just works.”



I recently had to start carrying an old iPhone 5c to use as a personal hotspot. Released almost 9 years ago in September 2013, the tiny iPhone can only run iOS 10 from 2016, but it still works like a charm. Granted I did have to first open it up to pop in a new battery.



But it does not always work, not even Apple products, believe it or not, especially when things are just not going your way.



For a while, I was able to use an iCloud shared album to push my kid’s photos into the wifey’s iPhone. It was perfect except it did not last. For whatever reason, while new photos I take on my iPhone still sync to my Mac, I just can’t seem to be able to add them to the shared album anymore. iCloud does not even throw me any hint on what might be wrong. AirDrop is perfect for sending a few photos at a time, but less reliable when sharing in the hundreds.



It’s with situations like this that Apple just does not have a good solution, or frankly, want to work on one. 



WALTR PRO by Softorino



This is where WALTR PRO comes in. When Softorino approached me to review the app, I wasn’t sure what it could do, but it turns out this simple yet powerful app is the perfect solution to my photo sharing problem.



With WALTR PRO on the Mac, I’m able to simply drag and drop the photos I want to share into my wife’s iPhone. This works over Wi-Fi but it’s much faster over the Lightning cable. All my wife needs is the Files by WALTR app on her iPhone. The photos will appear in the Files by WALTR app and are available to save to the iPhone’s native Photos app, with the metadata included.



The idea behind WALTR PRO is really simple – you get to quickly transfer any file into your iOS device. From there you can do whatever you need with the file in the share sheet.



It took Apple 11 iteration of the iOS to finally give users its own file management app, and yet Softorino’s WALTR PRO just does file management better. Check out the app here.



WALTR PRO macOS Interface

WALTR PRO app interface in macOS

Files by WALTR in iOS

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