Tips for Starting a Career in Business With a Disability


The great thing about the world of business is that anyone can join. All you need is a good work ethic, a positive mind frame, and guidance on how to build and market an idea. This is why hard workers of all stripes, even those with disabilities, can be successful in this arena. Bad Coffee Club‘s guest author Naomi Johnson (Life-Based Business) presents some tips for learning the right skills and succeeding with a career in business. 


Benefits of a Business Career


There are many benefits to a career in business. For one, there is a great deal of job flexibility. You could seek a job in management or work in the marketing department of a major corporation. With hard work and dedication, anyone can do these jobs, especially those with disabilities. 


You can also follow your passions. Let’s say you have a specific disability and you want to start a business or work with an existing company to market a product that helps others that deal with the same issue, you can do that and sleep well at night knowing that you are making a difference.




If you do not have any experience in business, that’s okay, because you can go to school to achieve the education you need to succeed. 


There are many degree programs that can be especially helpful when starting a business or having a business career, including a degree in economics, which will prepare you for the market and give you an idea of what products will sell. A degree in marketing would also be a big help as you will learn the best methods of reaching a large audience. Of course, a general business degree will provide guidance that can help you go get your foot in the door.


The great thing about technology is that even if you have a disability that limits your mobility, you can still get the education you need by obtaining your degree online. Online schooling allows you to attend seminars, complete homework assignments, and learn the basics of business without needing to leave the house and you can often complete the tasks on your own time.


Finding a Job


Once you have attended your classes and graduated with a degree, it is time to find your first big job in the world of business. Some people who have never worked before may fear that they will not be considered for a job position because they don’t have the job experience, but there are other pathways that you can take if you are in that position.




For one, you can look for internships at companies in your area and start on the ground floor that way. While not all internships will be paid, you will get daily first-hand experience of how that company operates and you can actually do the work so you know what you would be doing if you were hired full-time. The great thing about internships is that you can be an intern at different companies until you find the right fit.


Even better is the fact that there are currently internship programs and government job searches made exclusively for people who have disabilities because everyone deserves a chance to work. 


Entry-Level Positions


Another way to get in on the ground floor of a business is by obtaining an entry-level position at that organization. The good news is that these positions are paid, but you may not start out doing the job that you desire. Instead, you may start as an assistant or work in a completely different department as you prove that you have what it takes to succeed.


If you are accepted at the company, make your desires known right off of the bat so that management knows that you hope to advance within the company. Even the initiative you show by mentioning your desire to grow will impress them.


As you see, the world of business is loaded with opportunities for anyone to have a successful career, especially for those with disabilities. With the above tips, you can begin taking steps to begin blazing your own trail!

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