Spotify vs. YouTube Music: Pros and Cons

Music streaming is big, whether paid or unpaid.

If you pay, it’s normally anywhere between $4.99 to $9.99 a month. You get to stream and play all the music you want without ads. You also get to download the music for offline listening.

With a free account, you get ads and you have other inconveniences. For example, Spotify limits you to six skips within an hour. You normally also don’t get to download for offline listening.

Personally, I like to discover new music on Spotify. If I really like a song, I would then buy it on iTunes. I also use YouTube Music from time to time.

Here’s an extremely brief comparison between Spotify and YouTube Music, and the things I like and dislike about them.

Spotify vs. YouTube Music


SpotifySpotify StationsYouTube Music

Spotify and Spotify Stations

Spotify and Spotify Stations are two different apps. Think of Spotify Stations as a light version of Spotify.

I enjoy using these apps because they are simple and they just work. I think they have the best playlists among all the music streaming services. They are also good at recommending songs I like. That is why I use Spotify to discover new music.

I used to use Spotify a lot but I find myself using Spotify Stations more and more when I’m at work or driving. Spotify Stations is just so much simpler.

One thing I don’t like about Spotify or Spotify Stations is the six skips in one hour, but then again I have a free account so I can’t really complain.

YouTube Music

I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy and YouTube Music is perfect for this. Even with a free account, YouTube Music allows for an album to be played track by track without shuffling. This feature makes all the difference when you are listening to a stand-up comedy album.

The major downside with a free YouTube Music account is that the app has to be active for the playback to be active. If you switch to a different app, or if you lock your screen, the music stops. This is just like how the YouTube mobile app works if you are on a free YouTube account.

What music streaming service do you like to use? Do you still buy songs on iTunes, or have you moved on to streaming only? Let us know in the comments!

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