Questions on Windows 11 Upgrade Eligibility? Microsoft’s PC Health Check App Available in Windows Insider Program

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Introduced in June, Windows 11 is going to be the new operating system from Microsoft to replace Windows 10.

Windows 11 is scheduled for release on October 5. It is going to be a free upgrade for Windows 10 PCs that meet the system requirements. Microsoft is rolling out an app called PC Health Check to help Windows 10 users check for upgrade eligibility.

Download PC Health Check from the Windows Insider Program Page

While the PC Health Check app is not publicly available yet, participants in the Windows Insider Program can access a preview version.

To download the PC Health Check app, go to this page. Log in with your Microsoft account on the top right corner to see download options. If prompted, sign up for the free Windows Insider Program. You will then be able to access the preview version of the app.

The app has a pretty minimal and pleasant design. Click on the front and centered “Check now” button will show you if your PC is compatible with Windows 11. 

PC Health Check App Interface

PC Health Check Result

From what we have been seeing online, you can still install Windows 11 even if your PC is not officially supported. Real tinkers have even installed Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computers.

However, if your PC’s specs aren’t officially supported, you will not be getting updates through Windows Update.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Windows 11 system requirements might change later on opening the new OS to more devices.

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