Mini Calendar – Perfect Lightweight macOS Calendar App/Widget

If there’s one thing that Windows does better, it’s the calendar on the Taskbar. Click on it and you get a nice monthly view of the dates. It’s a really small thing, but like they say the devil is in the details.


Somehow, this is implemented differently in Apple’s desktop operating system. In macOS, if you click on the date in the Menu Bar, you get the Notification Center. To see the calendar in month view, or in any sort of view, you need to launch Apple’s stock Calendar app. 

macOS Calendar in Month View



However, if you want to replicate the Windows Taskbar calendar experience in macOS’ Menu Bar, there is an app for that too. It’s a third-party lightweight app called Mini Calendar.


Mini Calendar App Icon


As the name suggests, Mini Calendar allows the user to show a small calendar on the desktop, sorta like a widget. Users can also add Mini Calendar to the Menu Bar. When clicked, it shows a nice little calendar in monthly view.


Mini Calendar in macOS Menu Bar

Mini Calendar in macOS Menu Bar


Mini Calendar is one of those apps that offer the user just enough configuration options to get it right. For me, the app lives in the Menu Bar only ready to serve up the little month view calendar when I click on it.


By default, the macOS Clock widget shows both the time and date in the Menu Bar. I disabled the date option in the Clock widget so that the Menu Bar does not show the date in two separate places.


Download Link


Mini Calendar is a free app in the App Store. Download and try it out here.


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