iOS 13.4 Mail App Move and Compose Controls No Longer Tucked Away

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iOS Mail App Icon

Mail App Move and Compose Controls in iOS 13.0 to 13.3.1

In Apple’s iOS 13 release, they decided to hide some of their Mail app controls. As a result, instead of using all the toolbar real estate at the bottom of an open email, Apple only puts two buttons there, one for Delete (Trash navigation bar and tab bar icon - iOS 13.4 Mail App Changes) and the other for Reply (Reply navigation bar and tab bar icon).

If you would like to perform other actions, say Move (Organize navigation bar and tab bar icon - iOS 13.4 Mail App Changes) or Compose (Compose navigation bar and tab bar icon), you’ll have to tap the Reply button to get to those actions. Obviously, this is very unintuitive.

We all get enough emails as it is. By hiding the frequently used controls, Apple is really getting on people’s nerves.

iOS 13 Mail App Toolbar

Then again, Apple likes to have us scratching our heads with design decisions like this from time to time. Think the hastily released Apple Maps, trashcan Mac Pro, Magic Mouse 2 charging port and MacBook butterfly keyboard. The list goes on.

My theory is someone on the iOS 13 software team really wanted to troll their Mail app users.

Changes to Mail App Controls in the Upcoming iOS 13.4

The good news is, users will get back control of their Mail app buttons in the next iOS 13 release which is iOS 13.4. Or to put it more precisely, Apple is going to give its users back control of the Mail app buttons.

In the latest iOS 13.4 public beta, Apple no longer tucks away the Move and Compose buttons in the Reply button. The Delete, Move, Reply and Compose buttons are now side-by-side on the toolbar. This makes it easier for you to go through your emails.

iOS 13.4 Public Beta Mail App Toolbar

Finally, if you are interested in trying out the iOS 13.4 public beta, you can sign up at Just remember to not do this with your primary daily driver.

If you are already using iOS 13.4 public beta, what are some of the changes that you like?

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