How to Increase Font/Text Size in macOS Notes App

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The Issue – macOS Notes App Text Too Small to Read

Apple’s macOS and iOS are shipped with their own version of a Notes application. I love the Notes app for three reasons. First, the app is powerful and at the same time really simple to use, and it’s not bloated with features I don’t need. Second, it is free. Third, my notes sync automatically to all my devices connected to iCloud.

However, for years I did have one issue with the Notes app in macOS, and that’s that the texts have always been too small for me to read.

Here’s a screenshot that’ll give you some idea of what I needed to deal with.

Screenshot of macOS Notes App Showing Tiny Texts

I had however made peace with the text size. After all, squinting my eyes isn’t that difficult. It wasn’t until very recently when I played around with the app that I found there’s an extremely easy fix.

The Fix – How to Change macOS Notes App Default Text Size

To change the default text size in the macOS Notes app, follow these steps.

    1. With the Notes app active, click Notes in the menu bar and select Preferences, or use the keyboard shortcut Command-Comma (⌘,)
    2. Drag the Default text size slider to your desired position. For me, I find the text size in the middle to work the best

With the default text size set to the middle, here’s what the same note looks like. I must say it’s a very pleasant improvement. 

Screenshot of macOS Notes App Showing Larger Texts

Well, that’s it. That is the extremely easy fix if the texts are too small to read in the macOS Notes app.

If you happened to stumble upon this post because you had the same issue with the macOS Notes app, I hope this proved helpful. This certainly proves you can find just about anything on the internet, eh? 

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  1. Helen Williams

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    The tiny weeny text size on my Mac Notes app has been driving me nuts!

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