How to Hide Hidden Album in iOS 14

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If you are an iOS user, you probably know you can hide photos in the Photos app, and still be able to see them in the Hidden album.

To hide a photo, simply tap on the Action button (Tap Action button and select Hide to hide photos) and then select Hide.

How to Hide Photo in iOS

Once a photo is hidden, it will disappear from the Library tab and it will only live in the Albums tab under Utilities in the Hidden album.

iOS Hidden Album

Hiding photos this way is good enough for most people. However, it is still easy for others to stumble upon what you’ve hidden when they look around in your Photos app.

In iOS 14, Apple is allowing users to also hide the Hidden album.

To hide the album, go to the Settings app, tap into Photos. Somewhere in the middle of all the settings available, you will see a toggle new to iOS 14 called Hidden Album.

iOS 14 New Feature - Hide Hidden Album in Photos

With the toggle turned on, the Hidden album will appear under Utilities in the Albums tab, so to really hide your photos, disable Hidden Album by turning the toggle off.

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