How to Download YouTube Videos without A Premium Membership

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5/4/2022 Update: For a more robust desktop solution, check out this post here.


One of the perks of a paid YouTube Premium membership is you get to download videos for offline consumption. As a workaround, there are websites that’ll allow you to download YouTube videos too. In this post, we look at two of them. Both of these websites allow HD download (1080p). The catch is you’ll see a lot of ads when using these websites (not in the videos), but hey you do get to download YouTube videos for free.


Click to go to noTube

Just simply copy the YouTube video’s URL and paste it into noTube, select the video format, and hit OK. Your browser will open a new window/tab for ads. You should ignore and close the new window/tab.

noTube for downloading YouTube videos

Go back to the noTube window/tab. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, you will see a download button. Click on it and the download will begin. You’ll get more ads in pop-up windows/tabs or as slide-in notifications. Just ignore all of them.

noTube - download YouTube videos


Click to go to Converto

Converto basically works the same way as noTube. 

Converto - download YouTube videos for free

Grab the YouTube video’s URL, paste it into Converto. Once Converto finishes processing the URL, you’ll get to choose the format and resolution of the download. Click on Convert for the conversion to begin.

Converto Change Download Options and Configurations

Once the conversion is completed, you’ll see the download link.

Converto - Ready to Download


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  1. Bill Hicks

    Works great even if YouTube is blocked because I could Google the vidoe to grab the URL!!!

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