15 Popular Run Commands for Better Efficiency with Windows 10

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See the list of Run commands for launching commonly used Windows apps

What are Run commands and how do they work?

In Windows 10, if you press the Windows logo and R on the keyboard at the same time, a Run window will appear in the bottom left corner. This window is where you issue the Run commands which are essentially just shortcuts that point to different things in your system, including apps, folders, system settings, and more.

Compared to using the mouse and cursor to look for an app icon on your desktop or in the Start menu, Run commands make sure your hands do not leave the keyboard and can help you get things done much faster. Just simply type in the command and hit Enter and you are set.

Windows 10 Run Window
Run window in Windows 10

15 popular Run commands for everyday Windows 10 users

Opening Folders

To open any of the folders inside the current user’s folder (typically in the C drive under a folder called Users), just type in the folder name and hit Enter on the keyboard.

This includes folders created by Windows for every user, like the Downloads and Documents folders. It also works with any other folders created by the user in the user’s folder.

For example, to open the Downloads folder, just type in “downloads” in the Run window and hit Enter.

Run commands are not case-sensitive.

All Run commands feel really power but this one is as simple as it gets too. Type in “.” (period), hit Enter and that will open up the current user’s folder.

Current user folder in Windows 10, showing both system created and user created subfolder
Current user folder in Windows 10, showing both system-created and user-created subfolder

Launching Apps

  • Google Chrome – chrome
  • Microsoft Edge – msedge (‘edge’ does not work)
  • Outlook – outlook
  • Snipping Tool – snippingtool
  • Paint – mspaint
  • Calculator – calc
  • iTunes – itunes
  • Task Manager – taskmgr (Yes, unfortunately, the Task Manager is still a thing in Windows 10)
  • Notepad – notepad
  • Control Panel – control (This brings up the old-style Control Panel which Microsoft works hard to hide in Windows 10)
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection – mstsc
  • Windows Explorer – explorer
  • Internet Explorer – iexplorer (Oh and you should not be using this app anymore)

Bonus Run Command

Open any website – just type in the URL and hit Enter

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